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natural ingredients

Are you looking for a specific natural raw material or ingredient for your (sports) or (animal) nutrition range? We have it or will find it. No time or facilities but yet interested to use our products in your (retail) range? We give you peace of mind with private labelling.      
We search continuously for the best natural raw materials and ingredients in bulk, on a worldwide scale. This enables you to launch innovative and fair products, fast and smart. That's what we're passionate about.


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Certified quality

18 OCT 2016

Yountos Natural Ingredients isn't only organic certified, we recently also achieved GMP+ certification.  We will continue to deliver best quality as you are used to, but now we are also able to deliver piece of mind in animal nutrition. In this market, demand for natural ingredients rises as well!


New: organic seaweeds

22 APR 2016

Organic seaweeds are trendy, multi-purpose and an interesting ingredient for foodgrade and feedgrade market. We supply you with a broad range of organic certified seaweeds. Our supplier dries and mills them at your specifications, resulting in a healthy, tasty and easy to work with ingredient.